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The Leonisa garment line is the most comfortable and effective for our needs. They are reasonably priced...most of our patients go on to purchase additional styles of their shapewear after surgery. The quality of their garments is unmatched and is much better than other brands out there. These garments improve the final result of many procedures by reducing swelling and adding support. In addition, they make our patients feel better and more secure following their surgery. Patients are able to wear them under their clothes and thus get back to their regular activities sooner.

Dr. Peter J. Capizzi, MD
Capizzi, M.D. Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare Charlotte, NC

Leonisa's products are excellent. Once you start using them, there are no other better options for the briefs and interior garments. Our client patients -- women and men-- use them and are so satisfied that they always ask where they can continue buying them.

Dr Gerry Sotomayor, MD
Graceful Contour Norcross, GA

Our patients love the garments and so do we. The garments are well made, reliable, and compliment their new shape well. It certainly improves their final outcomes, not to mention the excellent customer service.

Dr. Anthony Tran, MD, FACS, PA.
Arlington Plastic Surgery Arlington, TX

Our favorite garment is ref. 018688N in Black or Natural Tan. We love the fit and comfort of this product and the breathable material. Our patients love that it's not detectable underneath clothing and the adjustable bra straps. We use this garment for our post- Liposuction and Tummy tuck patients.

Dr. Myla Bennett
Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery in Johns Creek, Georgia.

Postsurgical Bestsellers


Wireless Bra

"Yes I love all my wireless bra, I got them in every color. They are comfortable for work, gym and wear them daily. I will definitely recommend recommend it"

- Carmen -

Men's Firm Compression Post-Surgical Shaper Vest

"I wish the clasps were easier to work but the compression back support etc feels like it will be good post hernia and lipo. Will find out Wednesday"

- Anonymous -

Open Bust Firm Compression Post-Surgical Body Shaper

"Great Product! Exceptional, quality, item with the best control in the best "most needed" places ever!"

- Anonymous -

Find the Best Comfort and Support with Leonisa's Post-Surgical Compression Garments

Are you looking for some extra support after surgery? Leonisa's post-surgical compression garments are the perfect solution for anybody looking to get back to their daily routine following their procedure. Post-surgery compression garments provide necessary support to the areas of your body that are weakened after a medical procedure. Using a compression garment after surgery can reduce swelling and aid recovery. Plus, Leonisa's surgical compression garments are discreet so nobody will even know you're wearing one.

Types of Post-Surgery Compression Garments

Leonisa offers a wide range of post-surgery compression garments to help you recover from all kinds of incisions, surgeries and lifts. Leonisa ladies can use post-surgical compression garments after C-sections, breast lifts, breast reductions, tummy tucks, liposuction, mastectomies and many other procedures. We also offer post-surgery compression garments for men, including bodysuits, compression vests and compression tanks.

Compression Garments for Breast Surgery

Leonisa offers several post-surgery compression garments for breast surgeries, including breast augmentations and breast lifts, breast reductions and mastectomy procedures. With front-securing compression wraps that offer support and Velcro closures that can be tailored to your new size and fit, our post-surgical compression garments and surgical bras for breasts are ideal after a plastic surgery augmentation or a mastectomy.

Compression Garments for Liposuction

Find the best compression garments to wear to help you recover after abdominoplasty or a liposuction procedure. Leonisa carries a broad range of lipo compression garment styles intended to support the abdomen, waist areas and hips, too. With front and side closures that avoid incision areas of a tummy tuck and a soft, breathable and anti-bacterial PowerSlim® technology, you can reduce scars and minimize bruising and swelling after lipo.

Postpartum and C-Section Compression Garments

Whether it was a natural birth or C-section, find a supportive and contouring compression garment to help slim back down to your pre-pregnancy figure and help with the birthing healing process. Leonisa offers postpartum compression garments that offer an adjustable, high waistband and Velcro sides that won't hurt your skin or irritate incisions. Plus, you can also find seamless sleep bras and maternity bras that come with a soft fabric and versatile features for nursing newborns and even daily wear.

Butt Lifting and Thigh Lift Compression Garments

Leonisa's butt lifting compression garments are perfect for wearing after a butt augmentation or butt reduction surgery. And our thigh lift compression garments offer many of the same features. Many of these types of body shaper compression garments come in several leg lengths, from full-length to mid-calf and even short bottom styles, each designed to keep your butt supported and compress the torso and thighs. With front hook and zip closures, comfortable materials and an open bust “wear your own bra” design, Leonisa butt lifting compression garments are the best butt enhancing shapewear pieces available.

Arm Compression Garments

For arm lift surgeries and Brachioplasty, Leonisa offers invisible and smoothing sleeve arm lift shapers. Choose between a full sleeve or three-quarter sleeve to wear this compression garment discreetly beneath a blouse, top or dress. Constructed of our trademark SkinFuse® fabric, Leonisa arm compression garments offer streamlined shaping with adjustable hook-and-eye closures and open bust to wear with the bra of your choice.

Non-Invasive Compression Garments

Not undergoing lipo or another type of surgery? Many Leonisa compression garments can be worn with or without a surgical procedure. Check out our non-invasive surgery shapewear collection, including contouring bodysuits that will have you feeling confident in your skin in mere minutes and without a long recovery time.

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Whether you're looking for a little more confidence or your doctor recommends compression garments after surgery to help in the recovery process, Leonisa's compression garments will have you feeling #UniqueLikeYou in no time!

As always, please consult with your medical provider to make sure a compression garment is safe for you.